Ride to Artyard Cafe – Oct 21

The weather forecast showed it would be dry when ten bikes and their riders gathered at Cobbs farm for our planned ride to the Artyard Cafe in Enstone in Oxfordshire. As we got ready to go it started to rain heavily. So we went in the cafe for half and hour until it stopped. After that the weather was dry although for the start of the ride the roads were wet.

With the delay and as the Artyard is quite a long run, we had quick stop at the garden centre in Bampton. A couple of riders decided to end the ride there while the rest pushed on to the Artyard.

Bike Meet Photos – Oct 2021

The Lunchtime Bike Meet on the 9th October had around 70 bikes attending, of all types, many of them classic, but there were plenty of modern bikes as well. It was dry, the sun shone in the afternoon and it was warm day. Some people sat inside the lounge bar to have lunch while others sat outside on picnic tables. Most bikes were parked on on the lawn in front of the bar and people could wander around looking at the bikes and chatting to other bikers.

Below are some pictures of the day.

Ride to Weald Museum – Oct 2021

We worried more about getting fuel than the weather for our ride to the Weald and Downland Living Museum near Chichester. Five of us met up with various levels of fuel and anxiety about making it there and back. Luckily, we rode past a garage with fuel and no queues, so two of us filled up. Some others managed to find some fuel at the end of the ride. The weather shone for us apart from a very short shower that caught some people just before they got home. The cafe at the Weald museum was a beautiful place for a bacon sandwich and coffee.

Ride to Leckford – Sept 2021

The forecast said it was a going to be wet, and it certainly looked that way first thing in the morning, so we had a low turnout for our ride to the Leckford estate.

A wet start to the ride

But it had stopped raining before we started the ride, and after half and hour we were on dry roads and had a great ride to the Leckford Estate in Hampshire. When we arrived there it was warm and the sun was shining and we enjoyed a late breakfast at the cafe there before our ride home.

Sunshine on arrival at the Leckford estate car park

It just shows, you should not let the weather forecast put you off riding your bike.

Ride to Thruxton – Sept 2021

We rode to the legendary Thruxton race track and airfield and ordered a late breakfast/early lunch from the Jackeroo cafe there and sat by the race track to eat it. Before departing we lined up by the Thruxton sign at the entrance to take some photos of the riders with their bikes and then just the bikes.

Thruxton is a great place to ride to when there isn’t a race on and we have ridden there before. Check out this video here of a Branch ride there we did in 2020.

Ride to Popham – August 2021

We rode to Popham Airport from Cobbs Farm on the weekend of the August Bank holiday. Of the nine bikes on the run, 6 of them were classics. A couple of bikes got separated on the way, but made it to Popham by a slightly different route. All met up again for a late breakfast at Popham Airfield’s Cafe.

Cafe to Cafe Run – August 21

Branch members at the H Cafe before setting off for the Super Sausage

We took in two biker cafes in one Sunday run. We met early at the H Cafe at Berinsfield (near Oxford) before setting off on a cross country ride to the Super Sausage on the A5 near Towcester for lunch. The Super Sausage was packed with bikers enjoying their new freedoms and the sunny weather. Most of the group rode back together, with a few going back on their own. All got home safely, although not without some close encounters. One member rode down some narrow lanes and had a close encounter with a loose dog, another had to take evasive action at a roundabout and one member left the Super Sausage later and then came across the main group riding in the opposite direction on the way home. Must be something to do with relativity!!!

Popham Megameet 2021 – Report

Our Branch Stand at the Popham Megameet

The weather for the Popham Megameet was poor and it turned out to be wet on the day. Undaunted a few of our members put up our stand and camped overnight on the Saturday where they were joined on Sunday morning by some more who rode through the rain on classic bikes to be there.

They weren’t alone, there was a good turnout of other bike clubs with a displays and a lot of trade stands selling a wide range of paraphenalia. The majority of visitors though, turned up in cars and visitor numbers were understandably down on previous years. But those that came had a good time, with plenty to look at and several hours in the middle of the day without rain.

We enjoyed ourselves, although we needed to dry out our soggy riding gear and clean our muddy bikes once we got home.