Ride to TJ’s Cafe – June 24

Branch members outside TJ’s Cafe

On a sunny, busy weekend with the ride for Dave (Miers) and Triumph Day at the Ace, there were still member who wanted to ride out to a cafe in the countryside on Sunday. So they set off for another old favourite of ours, TJ’s near Salisbury. With all the D-Day anniversary celebrations fresh in people’s minds, the association with the legendary Spitfire seemed appropriate. (nb: the cafe is on the site of a wartime Spitfire factory). Here are some photos.

Ride to Cholderton Farm – June 24

Bikes parked outside the cafe at the Cholderton Farm

We rode out to a new destination for our first ride in June, Cholderton Farm, near Salisbury. The sun shone and we rode there on some really nice roads on a varied collection of bikes, including bikes from the 60’s, 70s, 90s and the last ten years. Good breakfast sitting at the outside tables. Here are some photos of the ride.

Ride to Avebury – May 24

Dry sunny weather after a number of wet weekends attracted 17 riders for our Sunday ride-out to the ancient stone circle at Avebury. Our runs leader chose a scenic route through twisty lanes which was great fun to ride. We stopped at the Clubhouse cafe just which was between the stone circle and a cricket ground. The car park was full, but there was a grass area that we all parked out bikes in. There was a short drizzle of rain while we were in the cafe, but it had stopped by the time we came out for the ride home. So we all stayed dry. Here are some photos of the event.

Ride to Longstock Farm – Mar 24

Members in the car park at Longstock Farm

We rode out to Longstock Farm Shop and Cafe, owned by Waitrose, one damp Sunday. Instead of our usual diet of bacon rolls we had scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Well, it was Waitrose!!.

Enjoying scones, clotted cream and jam at Longstock Farm Cafe

Ride to Army Flying Museum – Jan 24

Another bunch of members braving the weather for a Sunday ride-out to the Army Flying Museum in Middle Wallop. Great fun, but everyone had to clean their bikes when they got back Here are a couple of photos from the ride.

With no-one else to take the picture, Mick got himself in the picture somehow
A more conventional group photo with Mick behind the camera

First ride of 2024

Getting together in at the start of the ride

Our first ride of 2024 was on Sunday 7th January. After a week of exceptionally heavy rain, the weather changed to dry, but very cold. We met up at the start in our warmest winter clothing with the air temperature just under 4 degrees C and set off for the Jackeroo Cafe at Thruxton race circuit. On route we came to halt at a heavily flooded road. After some hesitation the leader rode slowly through the flood waters, followed by two other brave members. However, the remaining riders turned back and went off to find another route. All were reunited for a hearty breakfast in the warm at the Jackeroo. Here are a couple of photos of the ride.

At the start of the ride at Cobbs farm
At the Jackeroo Cafe

Toy Run – 2023

Thousands of bikers turned out for the Toy Run in aid of the Dr Barnado’s children’s charity on the 3 December. Many Branch members contributed as marshals, transportation or as riders on the day. See highlights of the run in the video below.

Rawles Open Day – Oct 23

Sparkling Austin Healeys at Rawles

We had a Saturday ride to an open day at Rawles, the Austin Healey specialist. They had a magnificent collection of beautifully restored and enhanced Austin Healey’s to look at. There were a lot of impressive classic cars to look at brought by other visitors as well. Their workshops were open and there were staff on hand to talk about the processes they go through in taking the rusty remains of old cars and transforming them into the shiny finished beauties. With a barbecue cooking hamburgers and tea and coffee on offer, we had a great time. Here are some photos of the event.