Triumph Thruxton Bonneville 1965

Entry number 043 in our 2020 Online Old Motorcycle Gathering

This Thruxton Bonneville is the very first one of the 52 that Triumph built in 1965 . So can be considered to be the first Triumph named Thruxton model. This bike is owned by my brother Richard. And I had the pleasure of restoring it for him . I was lucky enough to take the bike to the Manx with Digger and reunite it with Ray Knight, the TT winner of the 1968 500 class, won on a Daytona. Ray did two laps around the Jurby circuit. Truly a very rare and very special Triumph.

Greg’s Triumph Thruxton Bonneville – 1965

Triumph Tiger cub 1955

Entry number 33 in the 2020 Online Old Motorcycle Gathering Show. From Terry.

Same design as the Triumph terrier the only Triumph to be fitted with plunger suspension and very advanced for the day being of unit construction. A later exhaust pipe has been fitted because it has a bracket bolted to the engine mount to give more support which was never fitted originally. It’s also fitted with a solo sprung seat making the ride more comfortable.

Triumph Tiger 80 1939

Bill’s Bike. Entry number 40 in the 2020 Online Old Motorcycle Gathering Show.

Most of this bike was  acquired by my Dad in the 1960’s and had been used for scrambling so was in rather a sorry state. Over the years I managed to find all the parts to put it back into road trim and completed the restoration some 10 years ago. It is a lovely bike to ride with quite good performance and decent brakes for an old-un! Has done great service on VMCC runs over the years.

Triumph T110 – 1960

Nick’s bike. Entry into our 2020 Online Old Motorcycle Gathering.

The bike Nick used to ride as a teenager, restored by him and now regularly ridden on rides with the Branch.

Nick has written an article about his life long ownership of this bike, its history and its restoration. You can read this here

Nick’s bike as it is now
Nick’s bike before he restored it

Triumph Daytona T100R – 1971

Mike’s Bike. An entry in our 2020 Online Old Motorcycle Gathering.

From Mike.

I have owned the bike since 2004 which was partially restored by the previous owner after being re-imported from the U.S. around 2000.

I have taken the bike on 2 tours of France with the club covering approximately 1000 miles on each tour. Over the years I have corrected a number of issues with the bike and it is now running exceptionally well apart from being stabled due to the lockdown. It is a great bike to ride and is light and very fast with exceptional acceleration up to 60 mph for 500cc.

Triumph Bonneville – 1968

Entry to our 2020 Online Old Motorcycle Gathering

From Andy

My Triumph Tiger 650 was originally exported from Meriden to Iceland on 28th May 1968.

There were a huge number of American troops at the Air Base in Reykjavík at that time. They bought bikes from the local distributor at a better price than in the US, and shipped them back home, my bike found its way to the US.

It stayed there, being repatriated in August 2000.

I have enjoyed my Triumph since that time.

Standard American spec. I have fitted Boyer Bransden elect ign, and Podtronics regulator.