Cafe to Cafe Run – August 21

Branch members at the H Cafe before setting off for the Super Sausage

We took in two biker cafes in one Sunday run. We met early at the H Cafe at Berinsfield (near Oxford) before setting off on a cross country ride to the Super Sausage on the A5 near Towcester for lunch. The Super Sausage was packed with bikers enjoying their new freedoms and the sunny weather. Most of the group rode back together, with a few going back on their own. All got home safely, although not without some close encounters. One member rode down some narrow lanes and had a close encounter with a loose dog, another had to take evasive action at a roundabout and one member left the Super Sausage later and then came across the main group riding in the opposite direction on the way home. Must be something to do with relativity!!!